A unique 1-to-1 video session with Dr Hannah Capon, helping to build a stronger vet-client-patient relationship for you and your arthritic dog.



Canine Arthritis Teleguidance is working with Joii Pet Care. Helping you understand your dog’s osteoarthritis, all the way from identification and diagnosis through to implementation of an effective multimodal management plan tailored to your dog and you.

Canine Arthritis Management

Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) is a well known online service supporting owners of dogs with arthritis as well as the professionals that care for them. CAM hosts an extensive, resource filled website, a large dynamic social media presence, an online education centre and an online shop focused on the needs of an arthritic dog and their caregiver.

Canine Arthritis Teleguidance

CAM’s Canine Arthritis Teleguidance is a service for owners of arthritic dogs which aims to equip you, the caregiver of your dog, with everything you need to have successful consultations and a great ongoing relationship with your veterinary team. #OneTeam


CAM’s Canine Arthritis Teleguidance service is working with Joii Pet Care to provide and support their mission to ensure “pets and their people can benefit from accessible and affordable care”.

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Dr Hannah Capon and Luna
Dr Hannah Capon and Luna

The teleguidance service is led by CAM founder and director Dr Hannah Capon MA Vet MB MRCVS CCRP. Respected globally for her tireless work helping owners of arthritic dogs, Dr Hannah is offering a unique one-on-one service to share her years of collated knowledge and aid caregivers finding their successful long term multimodal management approach.

Hannah qualified from Cambridge University in 2002 and has worked in a large variety of practices and roles from sole charge first opinion to teamwork emergency practice. She won the 2020 Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Impact Award, the 2019 CEVA Vet of the Year and finalist in the 2019 Petplan Vet of the Year. Hannah has an incredible passion for chronic pain management, geriatrics and musculoskeletal health and rehabilitation and has been recognised for her tireless work on Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) an online education and support service for owners of arthritic dogs and professionals.

Hannah says...

I was a vet frustrated by the confines of time available with clients. I knew we could do more for the dogs in our care, I just had to figure out how. CAM started off as a mobile veterinary service focusing on dogs struggling with arthritis. With more time, and in their own home, I could achieve so much more. The results I was getting were astounding and CAM’s hashtag was born #YourDogMoreYears, because that was exactly what was happening – I was giving these dogs and their caregivers more years together.

However, I still felt we could do more. So I persuaded my clients to let me photograph, film and quote advice I was giving them and post it on a Facebook page. It went nuts and grew so quickly. I can remember hitting 5000 followers within a few months and knew an online advisory service was needed. Canine Arthritis Teleguidance is the next logical step in supporting caregivers and their arthritic dogs.

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Teleguidance is remote support embracing contextual care, shared-decision making and digital resources as well as having the time and reduced distraction to explore concerns and formulate management plans in greater detail.

CAM’s Canine Arthritis Teleguidance is not a telehealth service because we are focusing our attention on one clinical condition and providing you information regarding and surrounding this condition only.

Our Canine Arthritis Teleguidance is not a telemedicine service because we are not remotely diagnosing or prescribing alongside giving advice and support. We work with your established veterinary practice to perform diagnostic procedures and prescribe the appropriate treatments and interventions.

This service is for you if you:

  • are worried that your dog might be in pain and want an expert opinion before taking them to the vet
  • already have an OA diagnosis but want more specific advice for your dog
  • know you need to make some home adaptations but are unsure where to start
  • want to make sure you have all bases covered when setting up a top notch management plan
  • find the wealth of information out there a bit mind-boggling and would like advice from an expert
  • would like a comprehensive report to take to your vet
  •  are seeking 1:1 guidance from an OA expert (Hannah Capon)
  • want to bring together an OA A-team of professionals caring for your dog

The Canine Arthritis Teleguidance service is NOT a replacement for the service provided by your veterinary practice. It is a catalyst to improved access to care, better education, building stronger vet-client-patient relationships within your vet team, which will collectively result in more effective communication and an improved quality of life for your dog.


Dr Hannah will be hosting limited availability extended consultations once per week. To ensure your dog gets the attention that they need, please review the below descriptions.

If your dog is displaying any of these signs, please postpone a consultation with Dr Hannah, and prioritise seeing a Joii vet or your own vet immediately.


  • Is distressed and showing signs of uncontrolled pain
  • Has had a rapid and severe deterioration in their pain state
  • Is showing signs of another health concern such as vomiting, diarrhoea, breathing difficulties and severe lethargy
  • Has recently become unable to get to stand and is now permanently laying down

A Joii vet is available to support you 24 hours a day, and if you are insured with Animal Friends, Waggle, Purely Pet or Asda, you will be able to access this service for free, otherwise there will be a small consultation fee.

Please follow the registration process and request an appointment with a vet.

Having sought veterinary care, you can continue to book an appointment with Dr Hannah.


Having booked an appointment with CAM’s Canine Arthritis Teleguidance through Joii and settled the balance you will receive an email with a digital pack of materials that will require reading and completing, which may involve uploading videos and photos. Some content will need completion 24 hours before your appointment to allow Canine Arthritis Teleguidance to review in preparation for the session.

You will attend a 1 hour session via the Joii app. Please be ready and on time. Ensure you have good internet connection, there is minimal distraction and back ground noise and that you are well lit for the video call. Have questions and concerns ready because an hour can pass quickly.

You will receive a post session report with the conclusions of the discussion that will also be forwarded to your veterinary practice.

Within your digital pack are many resources that you will be instructed on how to use which you will continue to use after the session.

Check with your pet insurance provider to find out whether you can reclaim the fee for this service!

Teleguidance Digital Pack

COST: £175



A comprehensive review of your dog’s clinical history, your observations and concerns collected through CAM questionnaires, analysis of submitted videos and photos, access to the CAM essentials course, a one hour one-to-one online session with Dr Hannah Capon, access to the CAM Member Zone for a year and synopsis reports for you and your vet, plus further resources.

  • Greater understanding of canine osteoarthritis so you will feel better equipped to pursue further investigations and implement appropriate management plans with the support of your own vet.
  • Discussion and objective use of the clinical signs your dog presents encouraging accurate diagnosis, appropriate intervention selection, treatment ambitions and ability to long term monitor.
  • Education and guidance surrounding the confusing and forever changing multimodal approach to chronic pain management. This will include pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical pain relieving and disease modifying interventions, as well as often overlooked essential strategies such as lifestyle, weight control, nutrition and exercise.
  • Cutting through the noise of a huge array of publicised interventions through reviewing current, evidence based approaches to manage osteoarthritis. This will equip you to make effective decisions in line with recognised veterinary practice.
  • Identifying activities suitable for the dog’s capabilities with the intention of reducing incident-related acute flares of the condition.
  • Greater understanding of the pressures placed upon you, the caregiver, and discussions on contextual care plans that work for the client and their companion.
  • Awareness of the importance of shared decision making when working with your vet, minimising miscommunication, encouraging engagement with available resources within your veterinary practice.
  • A concluding document and resources pack that you can use to grow your working relationship with your veterinary team.


  • Emergency advisory services. If a case is considered an emergency, we would encourage you to contact your established veterinary practice/veterinary services provider.
  • A 24/7 emergency consultation service. CAM Teleguidance is a “Limited Service Provider” under RCVS regulations and can only be booked by appointment through Joii at no further cost to the CAM Teleguidance fee.
  • Facilities for a face-to-face consultation service. CAM teleguidance is solely a remote support provider.
  • Diagnostic or prescription services. We work with your established veterinary care provider who are responsible for further investigations and prescribing appropriate medications.
  • A consultation service as a replacement for your current veterinary care provider. You will remain under the care of your established veterinary care provider and CAM will communicate discussions and conclusions with them.
  • The CAM Teleguidance service provides support regarding osteoarthritis and chronic pain management only and will suggest further consultations with your established practice regarding other concerning topics.


Q. Can I reclaim the fee of this service through my insurance provider?

The service is hosted by a registered member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (MRCVS), so should be covered by insurance, but please enquire with your insurance provider.

Q. Are repeat/ follow up sessions available?

Yes they are available, however the intention is to equip you with the knowledge, tools and confidence to continue to work with your veterinary team and not rely on Canine Arthritis Teleguidance..




  • Sign up with Joii via their app. Use the step-by-step guide in the blue panel below to help guide you through the stages to booking an appointment. You will be asked a few questions to ensure the service fits your dog’s needs, and you will be asked to upload the photos and videos described below. Uploading one at a time may be required for slow connections. There will be no charge for this service.
  • Pay for the Canine Arthritis Teleguidance service prior to the session.
  • The Canine Arthritis Teleguidance digital pack, which contains questionnaires, consent forms and further resources, will be emailed to you prior to your consultation; read and complete them digitally prior to the session.
  • The digital pack provides you access to the CAM essentials course.
  • If you were unable to upload your photos and videos on the Joii app when booking your appointment you can submit them within the Canine Arthritis Teleguidance digital pack. Dr Hannah Capon will require them and access to your dog’s clinical history prior to the consultation.
  • Have suitable internet connection and minimal distraction to attend a 1 hour one to one online session with Dr Hannah Capon.
  • After the session reports will be sent you and your vet, and you be given access to the CAM Member Zone.

Please prepare for the teleguidance service through collecting the following prior to booking your appointment with a Joii team member.

  • Photos or videos taken from both sides and from above
  • Photos or videos of them sitting, standing and lying if possible.
  • Videos of your dog walking, trotting, getting to a stand, positioning themselves in a sit or a lay.
  • Videos of them playing.


Below is a step-by step guide to downloading and using the Joii app.

  • If you are new to Joii, download the app by scanning the QR Code or clicking on the Apple App Store or Google Play links below.
  • Click on the Sign up button and fill in your details, or if you are an existing user Sign In.
  • Once logged in, if no pet is registered (you can register your pets when you sign up) you can add pets by clicking on the + symbol.
  • Click on the pet who requires the referral and click on Health Clinics at bottom of the screen.
  • Select Video with Nurse option.
  • Choose Canine Arthritis Management Referral from the consultation type from the drop down menu.
  • You can fill in a description of the problem to give the nurse more information and click confirm.
  • You can upload any videos or photos or skip this section for now. Please note that you will be required to upload videos or photos prior to your consultation with Hannah so it may be wise to prepare these in advance of booking your consultation.
  • You will then be placed in a queue and will be kept informed of waiting time. The app will ring to alert you that the nurse is ready to take your call. Please remember this is a video call!
  • The nurse will triage your case and book in an appointment with Hannah (usually 5-7 days after initial nurse call). This ensures all material sent is read, completed and returned to allow Hannah to carry out an effective and efficient 1 hour video consultation.
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Canine Arthritis Teleguidance is a service offered via the Joii Pet Care app. Please refer to the Joii terms and conditions of use.